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Do you need another social network? July 2, 2011

Topic #174:

Google recently released Google+, a new social network. Do you think you need another social network? Do you prefer real social networks (people you actually see regularly), or are you happy with the digital social networks you use? Or do you avoid them all on principle?

I don’t think we need another social network; but I do think that the release of Google+ will mean that technology continues to advance and that’s a good thing. Twitter is the new Facebook, the way Facebook was the new MySpace, MySpace came after Bebo, things move on and get replaced and the world moves on with it. Who’d have thought we’d end up spending so much time online chatting to people we’ve never met, as well as people who live just down the road. It sounds insane; but it works and for people like me who can’t get out as much as they’d like or socialise with people very often it’s a lifeline.

In no way can it ever replace have a good chat and catch up face to face with people; but it helps you stay in touch between times. I’ve met amazing people through the web and I can’t wait to experience the new developments and seeing the world open up even further.


One Response to “Do you need another social network?”

  1. Indigo Jo Says:

    I suspect Google Plus will benefit from Facebook’s mistakes (as FB originally did with MySpace) — most particularly, their habit of messing around with aspects of the FB interface that work well, such as the recent vandalising of the Groups system (the new group format lacks the old discussion forums, for example, or even an info page) and merging Chat with Mail, so the new messages have to be composed in a tiny box and can’t have a title. It simply gets worse every time they change anything, and Google also has the advantage of so many people already having an account with them through Blogger or GMail. It doesn’t have to have all of FB’s features (particularly as Google already has GMail); it just has to be good enough.

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