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Come ti chiami? What’s Your Name? June 29, 2011

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Come ti chiami? What’s Your name? Mi chiamo Claire. My name is Claire.

They are the only two phrases I know in Italian and I had to look up how to spell them! I’ve wanted to learn Italian since I studied (and loved) Latin at school and have been desperate to visit. I missed out on a school trip because I was bedbound and have always longed to go there – furled even more by reading Eat, Pray, Love!

If I go though, I’d want to be able to speak some of the language – I know everyone probably speaks better English than I will ever be able to speak Italian; but I think it’s important to make an effort, it’s all part of experiencing the culture.

I also think it’s a beautiful language (without the impossible R rolling of Spanish, which I just can’t do). Today I saw that Groupon were doing discounted Rosetta Stone courses. http://www.groupon.co.uk/in/.EG0sqM?nlp so I jumped at the chance. It seems like a great way to learn and I’ve decided that it’s my aim to do the course this year and then hopefully go for a short break next year. So fingers crossed. I’ve got a romantic idea of exploring the country, meeting mew people and enjoying lots of food – gelato by a fountain, sitting out an outdoor cafe enjoying fresh pizza – Elizabeth Gilbert has a lot to answer for!


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