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How do you find happiness? June 23, 2011

Today’s post is a bit of a pondering one. I’m a bit fed up of the postaday topics, they seem either a bit fluffy, repetitions of previous ones or in accessible to disabled people – doing push ups today?! I figured that I’d do a couple of my own topics for now.

I’ve been feeling a bit restless and unsatisfied at the moment with life in general and my health in specific, so I decided it was time to do something about it and see if there are practical things I can do, to not only improve my health; but search for greater happiness and general improvements in life.

Now I feel a bit of a whinger when I write that, because my life could be a lot worse, when you’ve been so ill for so long, and you know that others are still that ill, you feel as if you should be grateful for every ounce of recovery; but there are times when it just doesn’t feel like enough, when the things you want to do, out weigh all that you can, that I feel stifled by my illness and so restricted I can hardly breath (it doesn’t help that I have a cold and I’m literally finding breathing a bit of a challenge at the moment).

There are some things in my life though that I know I can’t change, not in an immediate obvious way, my ME being the main one. Yes I can rest and pace; but it doesn’t show obvious results, in fact you only know you’re doing it well when you stop doing it and start getting worse, how’s that for messed up logic.

So I’m looking at things I can do that might help me feel better in myself, more in control and that at least I’m trying to do something to work towards the life I want. I’ve already talked about the 50/10 split which does seem to be helping, although at the moment it’s giving me more time to be still and aware of my body which is making me feel worse. It’s part of the whole mindfulness things I’ve been reading about in various places. I’m struggling with the concept of being mindful of how you’re feeling and just letting it go, in fact I know that I spend most of my life trying to ignore how my body feels because it’s in so much pain and there’s nothing I’ve found that can help that. I’m giving it a try though, to see if it might help.

I’ve also started reading a new book which says you ought to spend 20 minutes a day writing down your deepest feelings. In the past that has helped when I’ve had a lot going on in my life, so I’m going to get back to doing that too.

Here’s my question though – what do you do to make yourself happy, keep balanced and generally enjoy life, especially when things aren’t going the way you want them to. What are your secrets and how do you find they help. I’d really love to know.


2 Responses to “How do you find happiness?”

  1. I’m a happiness consultant, I’ve recently run across an amazing pain remover, and I would like to send you an MP3, which introduces you to how you can have, be, and do, anything you want to have, be, and do, and I’d like to send it to you. There is no cost or obligation. I simply need an email address.

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