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What have you lost recently? June 17, 2011

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Topic #161:

What have you lost recently? And what are you doing to try to get it back? Or are you now surprised to be glad you lost it?

Bonus: It could be something emotional, psychological or personal, not just a physical object. Maybe you’ve lost your courage, or your fear.

I’ve lost three things over the past year, money from my last birthday (mentioned in a previous post), a blue lapis lazuli stone heart and a toy penguin. Random I know!

The penguin Mum bought me a few years ago, about the time Happy Feet came out. It was free with a washing detergent, which she got just so I could have the penguin, that’s the fab kind of thing my Mum will do for me. I was poorly with a cold at the time and it really cheered me up. The penguin I named Pinga, cousin to Pingu and it’s been with me on every break away I’ve had since I got him, that was until I lost him. I was convinced I must have left him somewhere.

Another thing I lost was my large blue lapis lazuli heart which I use when I have a headache. It really helps, especially when my brain is racing with the ME. I also thought I’d lost this when I went to Centre Parcs last Christmas (I’m always ill when I go to Centre Parcs, so I always take my various remedies with me).

I truly thought I’d lost them forever and was really upset; but didn’t think I’d get them back. Recently I was doing some sorting and found both in places I never would have thought to look. I was so pleased to find them again and if I had to choose between finding them and the money, I’d choose them because they mean so much to me. That’s not to say I don’t still have my fingers crossed that the money will turn up too!


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