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Write about a recurring dream you have June 14, 2011

Topic #158:

Write about a recurring dream you have. If you don’t have any recurring dreams, why do you think some people do, and some people don’t?

I dream a lot, I think it’s to do with my ME, I’ve heard you dream before you get down to the really deep healing sleep; but people with ME get stuck before that phase.

I have really vivid dreams and can remember them when I wake up. Unfortunately it means I also get a lot of nightmares, which are horrible to wake up from, especially when you still feel like they are real.

I don’t really have recurring dreams except the falling one when I’m just going to sleep, the old primordial fear rearing its head.

I do remember a dream I had when I was about 10 which I had two nights running, I was a fairy princess and I was in love with a prince. I think I must have been playing with my flower fairy dolls too much, because we all had wings and I had this light purple dress on that one of my dolls had. I still remember it really clearly, even now.

I think people have recurring dreams because there are issues that their subconscious is tying to get them to deal with. I’m a believer in dream meanings; but I think the meaning is personal and not something which can be generalised. Sometimes though, dreams are just your brains way of filing the information you’ve taken in during the day. I get those dreams all the time. They seem weird; but when I work them out, they link in to conversations I’ve had or things I’ve seen.

I generally like dreaming, I’m hardly ever ill in my dreams and I get to do amazing things which I can’t in real life.


2 Responses to “Write about a recurring dream you have”

  1. Harnew Says:

    I had another one last night. A dream about flying. And for the first time I seen to have been comfortable in the air. Usually I am not too far off the ground. I think this is telling me I am realizing my potential.

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