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If you knew you were going to live forever, what would change? June 13, 2011

Topic #156:

If you knew you were going to live forever, what would change?. (hee hee, bet you didn’t see that coming after yesterday’s topic, did you?)

I actually like the thought of living forever; but only f I could do it with people who I chose, as I think living forever completely alone would be horrible. Also I wouldn’t want to age – I’d like to stay about the age I am now.

I think being ill for the majority of my life has given me this real sense that time goes too quickly, that it’s rushing by so fast and that I’m not even scratching the surface of all I want to do.

I know generally speaking I’m still young; but I’ve missed out on my teens and nearly all of my twenties and that’s something I’ll never get back.

I’d relax and stop putting pressure on myself to achieve everything yesterday. I’d take a breath and know that there was time to do all I had planned.

I wouldn’t be so frustrated and stressed about getting better, because I know I’d be alive when they found a cure or discovered a way to do a complete body transplant – something which sounds very tempting to my aching and sore body today.

If you lived forever there would be time to make mistakes and then put them right, time to go crazy and party, or be serious and study anything and everything I ever had a passing interest in. Time to travel, to try different things and meet lots of people, fall in and out of love, get hurt, mend and grow from it all. Life feels too short, to precious and too much of a risk to waste, so I end up taking less risks and being more cautious than I’d like. So living forever would give me space to breathe and freedom to really live.


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