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Who should you be remembering today? May 30, 2011

Topic #142:

Who should you be remembering today?

Bonus: In the U.S. today is memorial day, a holiday started after the Civil War to remember people who served. Decades later, under the Uniform Holidays Bill, Memorial day moved to be on a Monday to create three day weekends. Do you think this helps people remember the meaning of the a holiday, or dilutes it?

I’m not sure there’s anything I should be remembering today, as Memorial Day is an American tradition; but Radio 1 have been doing a special link up with Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and I wonder if that was why it was today.

It made me remember how lucky I am to be living in a free country and that our soldiers and their families are making such huge sacrifices so that I can live the way I do. If anything the radio coverage really brought home how many people have loved ones overseas serving their country and how hard it must be to be left behind. I have friends with relatives in areas of conflict and they are always so positive and strong. I’m sure I would find it so hard to live with, the constant worry and not knowing how they are. I think they as well as those serving are real inspirations.

On the topic of holidays, I think special days/holidays in general have lost their meaning and are seen as just that a holiday or day off. How many people really know what happened on May Day or Saint Andrews Day? Things move on and times change, events that used to be relevant, particularly linking in with the seasons and when people lived off the land, are no longer something that affects our lives.

The days are important though, I think sometimes it’s just the fact of having an extra day off that helps people, giving them something to look forward to and a way to help people cope with the year. We’re all under so much stress that an excuse to take a break and relax is really necessary.



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