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How do you decide who to be friends with? May 24, 2011

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Topic #136:

How do you decide who to be friends with?.

Bonus: What defines the difference between a good friendship vs a close one?

I have lots of people I consider friends, people I have things in common be it through illness, interest or background. Most unfortunately live all across the UK and some are even further afield and that makes me sad, because I wish they were closer so that I could see them and spend time with them. The internet has opened the world up so much; but at the same time it’s quite tantalising. I love the contact we have on Facebook etc; but now I’m doing a bit better I want to go round to see people, have them over for cake and a gossip, or go out to the cinema, for meals and even go away on holiday together.

It’s interesting because I’ve just watched an episode of Being Erica which was about this very subject. I think friendships change over time, as with all relationships you both change with your experiences, hopefully you change together; but sometimes you don’t and you end up drifting apart. It’s really sad and I wish it wasn’t so; but experience has shown otherwise.

I think a good friend is someone who you have things in common with, who you can have fun with and share things; but a close friend is someone you can open up to completely, who is there for you through good and bad times and who wants to hear about you, as well sharing their own problems. I want friends that I feel equally comfortable laughing or crying with, who get me and take the time to be a part of my life and make room for me in theirs. Sharing interests and senses of humour are important, as are similar goals in life. Friendship takes time and energy on both sides; but you should get out what you put in and the rewards can be amazing. A friend should leave you feeling good and that’s what I’m looking for.


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