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Describe the last time you were truly surprised. May 18, 2011

Topic #130:

Describe the last time you were truly surprised..

The last time I was truly surprised was when I was asked to be a mentor for a new friend Grace, who is setting up a great social enterprise called Healing Boxes It’s a fantastic idea of specially themed boxes available to order for presents or treats. She’s in the start-up phase I was in two years ago with Holidays From Home and it’s so interesting the similarities between us.

I was truly surprised because I’m at the stage of needing a mentor myself – I’m feeling like I need expert guidance; but I had never thought about how much I’ve already learned and now take for granted. I was truly surprised to think that I have something to offer someone else.

It’s funny I always feel out of my depth, because as soon as I learn how to do one thing, I move on to something else I don’t know how to do. I never stay still, or to use the swimming analogy, tread water. I keep swimming forward and so it’s always new unexplored waters. I tell myself that I wish things were easy or at least easier, to have a quiet life; but in truth it’s out weighed by my desire and need to keep moving and achieving more.  In a way I’m like those sharks that would die if they weren’t moving forward. That’s how I feel.


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