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Write about a mistake you can learn from May 10, 2011

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Topic #122: Write about a mistake you can learn from

via Write about a mistake you can learn from.

A mistake I can learn from is that I got some birthday money which I left in either the card or the envelope and now I can find the card; but not the money. I know it hasn’t been stolen; but I’m worried that if it was in the envelope, god forbid it might have been thrown away. I have been desperately tidying; but I can’t find it, yet. I’m still hoping and have a few places left to look.

The lesson I can learn is I need to be a bit more organised and put things like that straight in a safe place. I’ve had scares in the past with tickets getting lost and now I’m really good and put them in my safe place. Now I’m going to learn my lesson and do the same with money!


2 Responses to “Write about a mistake you can learn from”

  1. Zack Says:

    hey…I found your blog via the most recent posts on my wordpress dashboard. I randomly decided to visit and i like the site. ; )) I like the theme of the numerous topics/questions and such. nice work/blog.

    If everone took time to name even half the situations we could learn from…i think we would make the library of congress have a size complex.

    – Zack


    • Claire Says:

      Thanks Zack, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and make a comment! I’m pleased you like my posts, they are rather random; but then so’s life! ; ) I’m really interested in the title of your blog so I’m off now to have a look…

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