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Exercising my right and my priviledge. May 5, 2011

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Tonight Mum and I went down to our local polling station to take part in both the local election and the vote on AV. I was amazed to see so many people there, it’s really great to see people taking action, because the way I see it, is if you don’t vote then you don’t have the right to moan when you don’t agree.

As I walked away I thought about all the women who protested, fought and even died, just so that I could make eleven pencil crosses on three pieces of paper. Remembering the film Ironed Jawed Angels and the post I did about it and the right to vote. It seems like such a simple act, a cross on a piece of paper; but the fact that we have the right to take part and have our say if one of the many things which makes Great Britain truly great. I know it gets a bad rep a lot of the time; but I feel lucky to live in a time and place where liberty and luxury are taken for granted. With my freedom of choice, running water, warm home and plentiful food I’m more fortunate than most of the world. So tonight I feel truly blessed.


One Response to “Exercising my right and my priviledge.”

  1. Well done Claire..I think you are right so many women today forget those who fought and died for the right to vote. That is what makes me mad when they just cannot be bothered

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