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Accessibility FAIL May 2, 2011

Accessibility FAIL buttonThis is a fantastic post for BADD2011 and made me smile; but in an ironic, this is so sad kind of way. It comments on so much that is true; but you only know it, if you’ve lived it, first hand or because of a close friend or relative.

My addition to the accessibility FAIL is shops that put aisles too close together or have dangerous shelves, rails, coat hangers or anything that could generally take out an eye. Negotiating shoppers with bags, baskets and trolleys is bad enough; but when the furniture can give you an extra disability you start to feel like the world’s out to get you! Seriously we have enough to deal with, just because you’re trying to squeeze in some extra stock to make more money, just think how much you’ll be sued for if someone gets injured.


2 Responses to “Accessibility FAIL”

  1. Selene Says:

    Oh, thanks heaps for the mention! Accessibility fail is, as you can tell, a big issue of mine, thanks for adding yours. I hate that in shops, too!

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