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Describe the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten. How did you feel afterwards? April 29, 2011

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Topic #112: Describe the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten. How did you feel afterwards?

Bonus: Did you eat it by choice? Did others eat it with you? Under what circumstances would you do it again?

Hmmm not sure about this – some of the food I have for my parties when my ME friends come over can be pretty unhealthy: crisps, sweets, chocolate, cakes, fizzy drink. Generally considered junk food; but when you’re relaxing with your gal pals, then sometimes it’s the only way to go. I think the best ones are when we have the chocolate fountain out; but we have lots of fruit, so that’s healthy – right?

Normally I don’t feel good after sugar, craving something more substantial and I always feel dehydrated. It’s not good, so I try not to do it too often and mak up for it with a much better diet the rest of the time.


6 Responses to “Describe the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten. How did you feel afterwards?”

  1. knotrune Says:

    Of course fruit is healthy, and chocolate is made from beans, so that’s practically a vegetable, right? 😀 But not every day of course, variety is good.

  2. Indigo Jo Says:

    Were you ever tube fed, Claire? Because what they put in that isn’t always particularly healthy either — a lot of them are very sugary. I was talking to a lady who has a severely disabled daughter (not with ME) who is mostly tube-fed, and she said that she makes feeds for her daughter based on what they eat, because she wouldn’t want to feed on that herself.

    (There was a blog entry on that subject at another disabled child’s mother’s blog a couple of months ago, and it also raises the issue of arrogant doctors and advocating for your child when he/she’s in hospital; it’s here.)

    • Claire Says:

      Fortunately we managed to fight them off, because they were desperate to tube feed me; but once I was able to drink again I could maintain a healthy-ish weight, just on yoghurt and chocolate and so they didn’t have an excuse.

  3. Verity Says:

    Our get togethers aren’t that often so it gibes reason that they should be full of junk food, right?

    That said; when we having the next chocolate fountain and fruit get together? xx

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