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Write about something you used to believe, but don’t anymore. April 28, 2011

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Topic #111: Write about something you used to believe, but don’t anymore.

Bonus: What changed?  If you had to pick one of your beliefs right now that is most likely to change in the future, what would it be?

This seems rather familiar topic, not sure if we’ve had a similar one before. Something I used to believe; but don’t anymore is that just because someone is a “trained professional”, doesn’t mean that they know everything, even when they are convinced they are right, they may not be. I used to believe this until my ME got really bad and suddenly the “advice” we were getting didn’t tie in with any of the research we’d done. That these professionals, in particular medics didn’t know a thing about ME and that I knew more about the condition. 

I’d been brought up to respect doctors, to do everything I was told by them; but suddenly their advice nt only contradicted what others were saying; but was making me worse.  They often act like gods, as if they are always right and that you are just a mere mortal,s o don’t question them – EVER!  If you don’t agree with them, then you’re in the wrong. The thing they don’t seem to get is that they’re human too and they have their own faults and prejudices.

The turning point came for me when I was in hospital, they were desperately trying to diagnose me with anything other than ME – the favourite being some form of tropical illness from a necklace I was wearing (bought in the UK). It was laughable and it was as if the rose tinted spectacles were lifted from my eyes. It’s made me sceptical about pretty much everything, I don’t belive things, just because people tell me and take everything with a  pinch of salt, a dose of common sense and then do my own research. In a way it’s a scary revelation; but one that has made me more self-reliant.


3 Responses to “Write about something you used to believe, but don’t anymore.”

  1. Indigo Jo Says:

    I was listening to a speech by Christina Patterson (columnist on the Independent who usually spouts bigoted nonsense) on Radio 4 last night, in which she said that when she was treated for breast cancer, she expected to be treated with kindness by the nurses, but was left to get her own breakfast (with drips coming out of her, which they tried to teach her to negotiate rather than just making her some toast and a cup of tea), was generally neglected and heard them bitch about her and other patients. She said she learned early on not to annoy them or make them do that thing called “work”.

    It was a pretty upsetting listen (particularly as my sister and one of my cousins are training to be nurses), and it’s obviously not just ME patients and the elderly who go through that sort of thing.

    The tendency to try diagnosing anything but ME happens to a lot of people with ME. One of the consultants treating Lynn Gilderdale called her condition “Lynn Gilderdale syndrome” after insisting that there was no such thing as ME. (Admittedly though, few people were aware of very severe ME at that time — there seems to have been a lot more cases of it since about 1990 — so perhaps Lynn’s condition didn’t fit their idea of what was ME.)

    • Claire Says:

      I spent 6 weeks i hospital and it was horrific! There were a couple of lovely nurses; but lots that blatantly didn’t believe I was ill or was exaggerating. They used to talk outside my room too, which was really upsetting. Mum stayed with me the whole time and only left me at shift changes. It’s interesting that other conditions have a similar response.

      I like to hear of people with relatives with ME training, as it gives me hope that they will be different. My brother trained to be a physio and my experiences definitely influenced him.

  2. Indigo Jo Says:

    Oh, you can download Christina Patterson’s speech as an MP3 here (right click and save).

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