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Herbal Medicines Ban – Sign the Petition April 28, 2011

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This is from a blog post here:- http://www.crystaltoucan.blogspot.com/

I know there’s a lot of debate over natural health products and vitamins, I’ve tried most of them with varying degrees of success; but I think people should have the right to choose, especially when traditional Western medicine often offers little help or hope.

If you or someone you know has benefited from alternative medicine, please look at this website to sign the petition.


From the original email:-

Dear All

This is urgent, please read (or listen) and sign the petition. We do need to act on this – I worry what might be next!

On April 30th, natural medicinal plant products (essentially
anything other than the petro-chemically derived fare of multinational
pharmaceutical companies) will be effectively banned in the EU. The
registration procedure costs that will be going into effect will be
completely prohibitive. If for no other reason than protesting the criminal
nature of this effort (whether you’re aware of the long-term physiological
damage of many big pharma preparations or not) go to this link and sign the
petition. http://savenaturalhealth.eu/

Only you and I can stop Big Pharma domination. They intend to,
and ARE GOING TO, protect their incomes unless actively stopped. Sit in
silence, and pay the consequences. Time is running out. If it’s not
stopped in the EU, we may NOT be able to stop it elsewhere.


Bill Hargrave


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