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Describe your first encounter with a celebrity. April 27, 2011

Describe your first encounter with a celebrity.

Ok so I’ve met or had encounters with a few “celebrities” over the years, I’ll start with the least famous and work up.

Wally Webb is a local radio presenter and he was a family friend – a very minor celebrity you say; but he’s the guy that Alan Partridge is based on, so much cooler. Though a little embarrassing for him.

Then I met Bill Odie at a bird talk he gave when I was 10. I amazed my family by going up to get his autograph during the interval.

The next and proper celebrity I met was Stephanie Romanov aka Lila Morgan in Angel. She came to Norfolk to do a talk and I was in the front row – because of my wheelchair (it does come in handy sometimes!) I asked lots of questions and then got her autograph too. She was really lovely!

My final and most exciting encounter with a celebrity was when Mum and I spent a week in London a few years ago. We had afternoon tea at the Dorchester. Kate Moss walked past us and then we were waiting outside for a cab when a load of paparazzi turned up. I nudged Mum and told her I thought someone must be coming to the hotel and then Sharon Osbourne pulled up. She turned for the paparazzi to take a picture and I waved at her and she waved back! It was all very exciting!

It’s weird really, celebrities are just people; but you do get a thrill from meeting them.


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