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Busy planning where to have my virtual royal wedding. April 17, 2011

This evening I’ve been busy planning where I’m going to enjoy the royal wedding. The best part is that because of technology I can enjoy it anywhere in the world I want to! I’m going to be chilled out in front of the TV in my living room while being transported virtually to Westminster Abbey. I’ve been doing research as well as planning and you can see more Planning our virtual royal party – Location, Location, Location – Part 1  Read here…

I love researching places and this was fascinating – did you know only 15 Royal weddings have ever taken place there and only members of the Royal Family, Order of the Bath members and their children, and anyone living in the Abbey’s Precincts can get married there? Fascinating!

My friend went to uni with Prince William and I must admit to having high hopes of one day being a bridesmaid at a royal wedding; but I guess that’s  not to be!  😦 Oh well.


2 Responses to “Busy planning where to have my virtual royal wedding.”

  1. Indigo Jo Says:

    What was it like for your friend being at uni with Prince William? Was there a lot of security around, stopping people getting anywhere near him, or did they just stand back and let him get on with things?

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