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Day 11 – A song from your favorite band April 11, 2011

I’ve got lots of favourite bands; but I think my all time favourite has got to be Take That; but since I’ve already done one of theirs I thought I’d have another think. So instead I’m going to do another band that I love is The Fray, who I first heard on Grey’s Anatomy with How To Save a Life. I loved it from first listen and then heard them again live with Jo Wiley on Radio One. I decided there and then I wanted to see them live and so when they played at Nottingham (where my brother was at university) I knew I had to get tickets.

It was one of the first gigs I went to after being bedbound and it was amazing! It was on Halloween and they dressed up as Robin Hood etc and played some of the songs from the Disney cartoon (because we were in Nottingham, home to Robin Hood). It was an incredible night and this song brings back so many lovely memories. I hope you like it.

PS I actually found a recording of the encore, not great quality; but a great reminder!


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