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When was the last time you were scared? April 9, 2011

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Topic #94: When was the last time you were scared? What happened? What did you learn? Are you still afraid of that situation?

The last time I was  scared was when Mum was driving me home in the car last week, we were sat at traffic lights at a four-way junction and I saw this cyclist go round the corner, when his traffic lights were blatantly on red. I was idly thinking how dangerous it was, because if you were going across the lights and round the corner you wouldn’t expect to see a bike joining the road from another direction.

Eventually our lights went to green and we followed the direction of the bike. The cars ahead of us all passed the bike and I’d started to think of something else completely, when the bike suddenly swerved straight out across the road, right in front of us, heading to an alley on the opposite side. The guy didn’t even look over his shoulder, until he was half way across the road, in front of our car and then just kept going. Fortunately we weren’t close enough to hit him; but he had no way of knowing that he was safe when he moved across. It really scared me, how close he came to our car and how his stupidity, almost made us suffer the traumas of an accident. I saw his face so clearly when he eventually did look to see if it was clear, if we had hit him, then that image would be stuck in my head forever.

So I was really scared for about five seconds and then really shaken up afterwards, at what could have happened. I think the guy was completely oblivious. I know we have to Think Bike! but sometimes I wish I could say Bike Think!


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