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Pick something that annoys you and redesign how it works – Outlook! April 5, 2011

Topic #90: Pick something that annoys you and redesign how it works.

If  could redesign something that annoys me, I would redesign Outlook so that there was a way that you could automatically add a contact to your Address Book, along with its category and add it straight to a distribution list.

I spent ages yesterday going back through all the old contacts and customer for Holidays From Home and adding their email addresses, from their emails to my address book and then to a  separate list of Holidays from Home contacts. It was a long, slow process and was really frustrating. My aim is to stay on top of things and do it each time I get a new contact (unlikely I know; but I can hope). I did do a google search in case there was some clever trick; but couldn’t find anything. So this is what I’d redesign.

Please don’t tell me that there is an easy way to do this otherwise I might cry. Ok do tell me if there is, to save me wasting time again!


3 Responses to “Pick something that annoys you and redesign how it works – Outlook!”

  1. 100% agree with you Claire. I use Outlook and the contacts file is very fiddly.
    If ever you do find an easier way..do let me know please

    Have a good painfree day

    love p

  2. Indigo Jo Says:

    Have you tried using another email client? I’ve been using Thunderbird for years and it’s excellent. You can get a calendar plugin called Sunbird (or it was called that).

    • Claire Says:

      Thanks I’ll look into that – I think I’m with Outlook out of habit. I tried using Gmail but can’t get on with it – I like the folders of Outlook and the easy to sort/search ,ethods.

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