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When did you realise you were an adult? April 4, 2011

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Topic #89 When did you realise you were an adult?

I think I realised I was growing up when birthdays and Christmas stopped being quite so exciting and I actually enjoyed watching other people receiving presents, more than I enjoyed opening them. It was the sudden realisation that the day, while different, didn’t feel that much more unusual than any other. It was a really sad realisation, the sense that the overwhelming joy and excitement I used to have as a child was gone, in a way forever. I miss that.

I realised I was an adult when the things I worried about were bigger than school work, exams and friends. The problems got bigger and weren’t as easy to solve. Life seemed  a lot simpler when I was a child. I miss that too!


2 Responses to “When did you realise you were an adult?”

  1. Indigo Jo Says:

    I kind of identify with the point about Christmases and birthdays becoming less significant. When I was a child, presents were exciting, often colourful toys and games (although I never liked being given clothes; they just weren’t interesting to me, something I wore because I needed to wear something). As I got older, I could less easily think of presents I actually wanted, and things no longer held much excitement.

    But, no way would I want to be a child again. As an adult I can make my own decisions (not have them made for me by people who are thinking of themselves), go where I want, take what risks I want (as opposed to those others want to foist on me) … my adult life has had its share of disappointments but I couldn’t think of anything worse than going back to a time when others called the shots for me.

    • Claire Says:

      I understand that feeling; but I haven’t had the benefits of the freedom yet, with being so reliant on everyone still, I’ve never really got to be an adult, go places on my own and have my own life. Not yet at least.

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