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If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be? March 29, 2011

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If I  could master any skill instantly, it would have to be the ability to learn languages. I’m not a natural linguist, I was more into science and English at school and struggled with the language lessons. I think partly because I was worried about embarrassing myself by making a mistake.  I used to get really nervous about having to speak aloud, which now I think is really stupid; but when you’re at that age, everything feels like life and death.

The only language I did really enjoy was Latin, ironic since it’s a dead language; but the lessons were really interesting and there seemed to be logic behind the way the sentences are/were formed. It’s probably the same for all languages; but I guess it depends on how you are taught. Latin seemed to be a lot of analysing what was written down and picking up the pronunciation from reading aloud, as opposed to having to pick it up from listening to the teacher. I guess I learn better when things are written down.

So if I could have the ability to instantly master any language I would really love to be able to do that. It would make travelling a lot easier!


2 Responses to “If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Hi Clare,
    I’m also rubbish at languages yet I managed to get a grade in French when I was at school. I think it’s all about usage really, at one time I used to go to Germany a lot and if you hear it regularly enough you pick it up and it becomes easier to learn.
    My skill would be typing (properly), I’m a two finder wizard and my typo’s are bad even on a good day 😉

    • Claire Says:

      Lol! 🙂 I’m a multi-finger typist; but probably not the most efficient way. I type so fast and rather hard, that I have worn away a lot of the letters on my keyboard. It’s not a problem for me; but some two finger typers have been rather confused! I’d love to make less mistakes. I always seem to make the same ones like a space in the wrong place e.g. theya re!

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