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My Last Meal March 27, 2011

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What do you want for your last meal?

For my last meal I would want a Chinese, specifically a pancake roll, sweet and sour sauce, egg fried rice, beef and mixed vegetables, sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style, lemon chicken and prawn crackers. Followed up by a plate at the Pudding Club at the Pigs in Edgfield. I’d want to wash it down with a Peachee from the Taste of Oz and a can of Cherry 7up.

I think I’d feel rather ill after it all; but if it was my last meal, who cares right?!


3 Responses to “My Last Meal”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Hi Claire,
    I hope you’re not going to be enjoying that ‘last meal’ for many years to come. For my last meal I’d love a lovely roast (any meat, I’m not fussy) with all the trimmings then a lovely apple pie with custard to follow. To wash it all down I would happily settle for a pot of really good coffee

  2. Claire Says:

    I can’t believe I forgot I’d have to have a Shaake too!

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