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How does your garden grow? March 24, 2011

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I’ll start this post by saying I’m not at all green fingered, in fact I’m not really keen on gardening, I get excited by the pretty flowering plants and mean to keep watering them; but they always seem to die. The only thing I do seem to be good at keeping are orchids; but mine tend to grow into alien looking life forms, not the beautifully straight and elegant plants you see in the shops and on TV.

I want to be able to sit outside in a beautiful garden this summer and I am trying to get out into the sunshine and dose up on vitamin D. I’m also missing my well established garden where I used to live, because I love flower arranging and grass just does not count as foliage. Therefore needs must, which means I need to cultivate a new hobby and the ability to keep the new garden alive.

Now that we’ve got our house sorted (mainly) we’re moving on to our garden; but I’ve no real idea on what I’m doing. So I thought I’d post on here to get some tips. I visited a friend today who has kindly offered us some shrubs that they are digging up, Buddleia, Hebe and a Rowan as well as some other green looking things which apparently have pretty flowers on them (experts on Gardener’s Question Time fear for your jobs!)

The thing is I’m not really sure how to plan the borders, I know roughly the shape and size I want, basically the interior, or should I say exterior, design side I can handle. I’m just unsure of what plants to put where. So for any green thumbed readers, do give me your advice!


This is the kind of garden I would love; but I'm practical, a couple of borders and pots are probably my limit.

The garden is in Canada, I found it online, you can click to follow the link.


This is a very rough layout of my garden, thanks to the petal pusher for offering to help. Advice much appreciated!

In case you can’t read it.

Paths are 2′ wide.

Garden Room 8’4″, 6’4″, 4’5″

Left Grass 9’2″ wide 10’6″ In danger from footballs from next door.

Right grass 27′ wide, 30′ long. The squares on the grass are patchy because the previous owner had female dogs.


3 Responses to “How does your garden grow?”

  1. Indigo Jo Says:

    That garden really is beautiful, which one is it?

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Give me your dimensions, your available light, your plant zone and I would be glad to help you!! ps the gardens are beautiful—where is it located?

    • Claire Says:

      Thank you, that would be wonderful! I’m pleased you enjoyed the post,

      Okay so the garden is rectangular; but with a garden room in the far left corner and a patio as you come out of the house. It faces East North East (I think; but has good sunshine through out the day, it’s a chalet bungalow; but the house doesn’t cast too much shadow. Showing I’m a complete novice, what’s a plant zone? Is that something to do with soil?

      I wasn’t sure how to describe it with the measurements, so I’ve done a little diagram (definitely not to scale!)

      I’m going to add it to my post above.

      PS The garden is in Canada, I found it on Google.

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