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Finding my muse lying in bed March 19, 2011

I’d love to have some deep process as to how I find my muse, a beautiful ritual which inspires me and gets me in the mood to write or work; but in truth I find inspiration is one of those things that’s either there or it’s not. There are days when you can sit down in front of your screen and decide that you’re going to be creative; but nothing flows. It feels like wading through treacle and the harder you try to grasp for words, the further they seem to fly away. On days like this I do what I can of the practical side and then I give up, have a break and see if I feel better later. Or I try writing about something different.

I believe it helps to have something that inspires you, be  it a topic on Postaday or for me a particular virtual destination to write about. If I’ve been there or it’s somewhere I’d love to go then it’s easier to put pen to paper.

Actually I guess I do have a couple of rituals, I find it REALLY hard to write straight onto a computer, I do for blogging, which is helping me to improve this skill; but for writing my holidays or just a letter, it has to be pen and paper. A blank piece of paper is much less daunting than an empty Word document! It’s the stuff of nightmares.

I like the feel of a pen in my hand. Watching the words appear on the page is incredibly satisfying and I love that you can’t accidentally delete them. If there’s a power-cut, they’re still all going to be there! If I’m on a computer I find the words flow faster than I can type; but I can scrawl just fast enough. I’ve got a volunteer typing up some of the holidays and I’m finding it a challenge to write neatly, so that she can decipher it all.

Another ritual is that I write best lying on my bed, I think this must date back to when I was bedbound; but for some reason it’s where I think best. In fact if I’m trying to figure something out, then lying on my bed in the dark is the best way to do it. Earlier in the year, when I was desperately trying to make some decisions about Holidays From Home, that’s exactly what I did. It really did help. The idea first came lying in bed and I guess that’s why all my best thinking is done there.

via How do you find your muse?.


2 Responses to “Finding my muse lying in bed”

  1. I can agree with that Claire… First thing in the morning I lay in bed, with mu cup of tea, and I can think. Where all these thought come from I do not know because once I get out of bed, they are all gone. Beside my bed is a pencil and paper so that if my ideas need more thought I write them down before they get forgotten.
    Some things are better written before being transferred to computer but I find it easier to write straight from head to screen. I do make lots of spelling mistakes because the fingers go so quickly and I have long fingernails, so its a good thing for ‘spell-check’
    have a good day my friend

    • Claire Says:

      Spellchecker is a miracle! I worry I’ll get lazy with spelling; but it’s great for when your fingers are moving faster and not in the order you intend!

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