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Radio 4 and Avenue Q March 15, 2011

Well today has been eventful, it started with a visit from Miles and Joe from Radio 4 who came all the way from Bristol (and New York in Joe’s case) to do an interview with me about Holidays From Home and the virtual holidays. I was nervous despite having done interviews before, because you never can really prepare for what you will be asked.

Miles, Joe and Anne, the lovely customer who agreed to be interview, all turned up half an hour early, while I was frantically laying out chocolates to accompany the chocolate holiday. I’d been told we were going to do some of each holiday, so I’d got the chocolates ready as well as Lamingtons and New York cheesecake. It threw me a bit; but I took a couple of deep breaths to settle myself and then we launched straight into it.

The interview took the form of a relaxed conversation, as long as you could ignore the funny looking microphone that Miles held between Jo and I. I kept remembering those video shows where an animal suddenly attacks the furry mic thinking it’s an animal!

We chatted about my first virtual holiday in Greece and then looked through Australia and New York which was fun, though I was a little nervous talking to Joe as he’s lived in NYC for 30 years! He really liked the idea though and it was interesting to hear facts I’d not heard before. That’s what I love, there’s always more that I can add to update the holidays! For example, Joe told me there are over 35,000 restaurants in New York! He said it would take 50 years, having two meals a day to be able to eat in all of them, as long as none changed hands or closed.

The interview took a couple of hours and went by in a bit of a blur – I can’t really remember what I said; but I felt happy after it, so hopefully it was all ok. I was totally exhausted afterwards and crashed out.

It was a shame I’d bought tickets to see Avenue Q at the Theatre Royal months ago. I didn’t want to miss it, so I pushed myself to go. It was great, although I was kind of shocked at some of the scenes – if you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a ruder, grown up,  musical version of Sesame Street; but it’s really clever, very funny and at times incredibly touching. Mum and I both had a lovely time and have come home feeling very happy.

Daily blog done, I’m off to bed now. Night.


3 Responses to “Radio 4 and Avenue Q”

  1. Well done Mrs Claire, it is always difficult giving interviews as you can nebver bee sure of what you will be asked and if you know the answer. Also after it is over will you be correctly reported and your words distorted… So well done.
    I have looked at you site and tried the example holiday and it sounds rather exciting..maybe one day I shall invest in a more substantial holiday but I am waiting to see what new ideas you have.

    Happy day my friend keep smiling abd hope you a feeling well today

  2. Crikey my spelling was bad…so sorry but you get the gist, don’t you?

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