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The evolution of a logo and overcoming obstacles. March 10, 2011

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Today I’ve been looking back on how far Holidays From Home has come, partly because I’m doing a marketing plan (groan) and partly because I was writing about how the logo has developed, The evolution of a logo. It’s really made me think of how many obstacles there have been and at times they have felt insurmountable; but somehow there has always been a way round. When there hasn’t it’s been because there was something better, more suitable or right on the way. That gives me hope for my  life in general.

I like to have a clear path in life, to know exactly where I’m heading and what I need to do. I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed if I don’t; but looking back I can see that’s not how it works. Going more with the flow and believing that whatever life throws at me I can adapt to, makes much more sense. It’s a lot more fun too!


One Response to “The evolution of a logo and overcoming obstacles.”

  1. Hello Rebekah. Have faith in yourself and in God, you will not go far wrong. Sometimes going down an untrodden path can be fun, going into the unknown, fly by the seat of your pants.
    Whatever you do have a Happy day and keep smiling

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