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Growing up and changing – happens when you’re least expecting it March 6, 2011

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Today Mum and I went into the city to do some shopping – I’d got a voucher for New Look which I was really looking forward to spending. As we wandered round the shop looking at things I couldn’t see that much I really liked, where as in the past I’ve seen lots of things. Mum made a general comment that the clothes I was now looking for, weren’t really the styles on sale here and I realised she was right. I’m not sure when it happened; but gone are the days when I wanted to find cute t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, now I want more tailored classic pieces.

I think I’m going to have to start shopping in different places. When I pop into Monsoon there’s normally lots of things I like the look of – if only to have the budget for it! My priorities are shifting though, now I’d rather invest in items I love, than get lots I only like.

It was a shock to realise that I have changed and I’m growing up, changing everyday. I feel different in myself, even from a few months ago and that seems really strange. I like it, who I feel I am becoming. For years I’ve felt younger than I am, because I missed so much growing up; but now I start to feel like I’m catching up and I like it.


2 Responses to “Growing up and changing – happens when you’re least expecting it”

  1. Morning Claire.
    There’s nothing wrong with growing up or growing older as long as you keep the ‘child’ within your heart.
    There are people who are very young , yet mentally they are very old . and there are older people like myself who have very young minds.
    I stopped being a follower of fashion many years . I buy what feel comfortable and what I know I shall enjoy wearing. If I do buy anything ‘abnormal’ it is guaranteed that within weeks it will be either given away or thrown in the garbage.

    have a lovely day , keep smiling

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