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Unreliable Movers and Annoying Insurers March 2, 2011

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This post has come about after an email which has me rather stirred up – please excuse the rant.

When my family and I moved house last year we employed a moving firm to help us downsize from a very large semi-detached Victorian house to a much smaller bungalow. The move came after months, if not years of downsizing though car boot sales, charity shops, auctions, online sales and giving stuff away.

Eventually we sold the house and were ready to pack – doing most ourselves; but getting in help to do the fragile things like china and ornaments. Our reckoning was you’d get an electrician in to do your wiring because he’s an expert, so you’d get experts in to pack your things. How wrong we were.

The whole time we were moving, one man kept sucking his teeth and gloomily telling us that there was no way all our stuff would go into the bungalow, that our books would make the ceilings collapse and that we’d be lucky to get it all done in the two days. My Mum and I were already on edge; but this added to it all. We felt totally miserable the whole time and really stressed.

Well we did get it all in, with tonnes of room to spare; but then came the joys of unpacking, which when you mention it to people they always give you a sympathetic look because if you’ve moved, then you understand how bad it can be. The worst part was unpacking the boxes we had “professionally” packed. The things that had been thrown into boxes made absolutely no sense, there wasn’t any order and at times we found things like glass bowls and ornaments at the bottom of boxes full of paperwork and other random and heavy items. It made us shudder with how much could have broken.

Then came the moment when I unpacked my snowglobes – I collect snowglobes, in particular the gorgeous, deluxe Disney snowglobes. I love them and have quite a few. When I opened the box I had a really bad feeling and found to my horror that several of the figures on them were broken into pieces. Fortunately the actual globes were intact; but that didn’t help much. I was devastated because they were all limited runs and were now irreplaceable.

Now came the fun part trying to claim from the movers – whose insurers are a total nightmare! We sent the forms off, not once, not twice; but three times because they kept saying they hadn’t had them or couldn’t find them. Eventually after sending a copy recorded delivery they responded; but a whole month after they received it (six months after we moved and reported the breakages). After a lot of back and forth, with me feeling like I was some kind of criminal and not the one with the broken collectibles, they finally emailed to say they would give me the minimum amount of money to replace them; but the thing is they are no longer available, so they can’t be replaced. It has really wound me up, I know there’s nothing that can be done to make it right; but it’s all been such a hassle. I’m left feeling upset and angry.

I’m working hard to ensure that my social enterprise has a good reputation; but why do so many firms give their customers so much stress and get away with it?


4 Responses to “Unreliable Movers and Annoying Insurers”

  1. Poor Claire, I feel so sorry for you. It is bad enough that you lost your collectibles but now to suffer the indignity of abuse from insurers is just that bit too much.
    Its a bit late now but when you first hired these removers did you not ask for references about the quality of their work/ It seems so easy for any ‘Jack the lad’ to start up a removals business.
    I really am genuinely sorry that you find yourself in this position and I don’t blame you one bit for having a rant and rave!
    I shall still wish you a Happy Day even though you do not feel like it
    But also Keep smiling !

    • Claire Says:

      Well the movers are a large, respected firm, so we had done our homework; but never again!

      I did have a good day in the end, your good wishes helped!

  2. yvonne Says:

    This really sucks and especially that these companies get away with it. I would have felt devastated too, I also love snowglobes and have a few Disney ones.

    • Claire Says:

      There’s something really magical about them isn’t there? A little world and they are always so intricate, especially the Disney ones. I love snow too, so I think it combines two of my favourite things!

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