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Happy Valentine’s Day?! February 14, 2011

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Valentine’s Day is so linked with love and relationships, that I was amazed to find out it actually marks the anniversary of the execution of Saint Valentine, a priest in Rome, who was condemned to death on February 14th 269 A.D. Saint Valentine had been helping to secretly marrying couples, because the emperor Claudius II had banned men in his army from marrying, as he felt it would make them weaker.

The tradition of sending a card from a secret admirer began because Saint Valentine left a note for the jailer’s daughter, signed ‘From Your Valentine’.


Valentine’s Day seems a very strange event if you’re not coupled up, it kind of feels like the world is judging you for not being in a relationship. Everywhere I seem to go there’s been sales displays, offers and general red and pinkness. You’re not even safe in your own home, as it’s featured on  almost every advert. I guess it must be the same kind of feeling if you don’t celebrate Christmas – that it just surrounds you on every side.

I’m not bitter, well not much, I just think it’s hard to be single because the world seems to imply that you shouldn’t be, that if you’re not in a relationship then you must want to be. Just look at all the adverts on the television and web for online dating – a valid choice; but if you’re looking for a relationship then surely you know it and would seek these sites out. It’s not like seeing an advert for cat food and suddenly remembering you’re running low. It doesn’t have to be constanly pushed at us.

I can’t think of one person on a TV show or film who is single by choice – the single ones are always crazy, with weird obsessions, especially with their pets, getting over a major relationship or are portrayed as “old” or “ugly” and that they are single because nobody could possibly want them, rather than by their own choice. For once I’d like to see it portrayed as a good thing and that a person isn’t whole because they don’t have an other half.

This year I’m choosing to see Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate the other forms of love I have in my life, shared with family, friends and the things I love to do, because let’s face it – love has many different and varied faces.


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