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My new neighbour. February 6, 2011

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The new neighbours moved in a few months ago, there’s three of them, a Mum and her daughter and son – they’re kind of old to still be living at home – I’m never going to live at home that long!

I don’t see them much and the curtains are often closed in the bedroom downstairs. They smile and say hello if I see them on my way to school or when I’m playing outside. Mum sends me out to get some peace and so I kick the ball against our house, over and over again. I like to kick it really hard and it bounces back off our wall and hits their house – it makes a really loud BANG when I hit their window! I keep expecting them to come out and shout; but they haven’t… yet.

Sometimes when I get bored with bouncing my ball against our house I have a quick look round and if nobody’s watching (especially not the old people out gardening) then I kick it over their gate so I can go round to their house. They’re slow in coming to the door and I often have to keep pressing the bell or knocking. Anyone would think they were trying to ignore me! As if!

I’ve been hoping they’ll leave the gate unlocked so I can wander in when I feel like it; but for some reason they won’t. It’s not like I’m gonna do anything, just maybe have a look round their garden, see what I can see through their windows. They insist on going to get the ball for me, so sometimes when they’re out in the garden, I push the door open and try to have a look at their house – they’ve only caught me a couple of times and I acted like it was just the wind blew it open.

I can’t really be bothered to keep kicking it over there now, they were away for a week in the summer and I didn’t know. Lost my ball for a whole week and I was so bored!

It’s been too cold and wet at the moment for me to go out – I’d much rather stay inside in the warm and watch TV.

Summer’s coming though…



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