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A perfect Sunday January 30, 2011

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This seemed a rather obscure topic for a Tuesday, so I decided to save it for Sunday. This Sunday I’m being picked up by a friend and then taken to lunch at a small, local restaurant, for a quiet lunch and a good chat. This isn’t really a typical Sunday – depending on the week before and after will determine my energy levels; but I normally spend the day in my pjs, watching TV,  reading  and sleeping. When I put it like that I realise my Sundays are pretty much like the rest of the week.

My idea of a perfect Sunday? Well for me I’d like to wake up mid morning after a lovely long, relaxing sleep. It would be nice to have breakfast in bed – pastries, fresh fruit salad, orange juice and lots of tea while reading the Sunday paper and doing the Sudoku. Then it would be a leisurely get up followed by lunch with my family and friends at my favourite pub http://www.thepigs.org.uk They do incredible food and this amazing thing called a Pudding Club – you pay a set amount for a plate and spoon and then you can help yourself to a table stacked with delicious desserts – all the old favourites like trifle, milk puddings, apple pie as well as the obligatory chocolatey delicious ones! Mmmmm making my mouth water! There are different ones each time and you can help yourself. When you’ve finished you can go back and help yourself again! I only ever manage one trip; but it’s always sooo good.Bang goes the diet; but a treat once in a while is a good thing.

After lunch I’d like to go for a “walk” in my wheelchair either at the beach or in a beautiful park. Then in the evening I would want to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a great film. That would be my perfect Sunday.


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