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Describe the sound of your laugh. January 29, 2011

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This one I think is hard to write, because I’m not sure what sound I make when I laugh; but I love to laugh and often do quite easily – if I’m watching TV or in the cinema, or even just seeing something like a funny bird in the garden or a good book.I agree that laughter is the best medicine – it certainly makes me feel better. When nothing else will shift tension a good laugh always does.

I’m quite concious of the sound of my laughter – especially when I’m laughing and other people aren’t. I don’t think I sound like any of my family. I’m going to pay more attention now and see how I do sound.

Sorry for the short and delayed post today – having a bad ME week, so trying to rest up.


One Response to “Describe the sound of your laugh.”

  1. Indigo Jo Says:

    I have quite a high-pitched laugh and I’ve been told I laugh like a girl.

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