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Inspiration from Karo’Line and Jack Kerouac. January 27, 2011

I was reading one of the blogs I follow, by Karo’Line and she put up this amazing quote read it here:-  Jack Kerouac – Words of Wisdom and Inspiration.

Or here’s the bit that really inspired me. A quote from the cover of Jack Kerouac ‘s Atop an Underwood, Early Stories and Other Writings

” Remember above all things, Kid, that to write is not difficult, not painful, that is comes out of you with ease, that you can whip up a little tale in no time, that when you are sincere about it, that when you want to impress a truth, it is not difficult, not painful, but easy,graceful, full of smooth power, as if you were a writing machine with a store of literature that is boundless, enormous, endless, and rich. For it is true; this is so. Do not forget it in your gloomier moments. Make your stuff warm, drive it home American-wise, don’t mind critics, don’t mind the stuffy academic theses of scholars, they don’t know what they are talking about, they’re way off the track, they’re cold; you’re warm, you’re red-hot, you can write all day, you know what you know….”.


I wrote this post last night and scheduled it for today. It wasn’t until later when insomnia was keeping sleep away that I started to think about this quote more and I realised how much I love writing. Nothing great, nothing life changing; but just being able to put pen to paper, or text to screen. I find it a really satisfying experience being able to put my thoughts down and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed that until this blog.

When I was at school I used to enjoy all my lessons (except sport, Art and DT) I found a great satisfaction in learning and finding new things out – I guess that’s why the virtual holidays appealed to me. I come from a family of scientists though and always thought I would pursue that as a career. Having to leave school because of my ME and not going down the Uni route meant I didn’t  find out what I would have done; but never for one moment would I have ever considered a career involving writing. Now though I can see that what ever I do, I need to find a way to be creative and express myself with the written word. It makes me fell whole.


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