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Talk or text? The importance of text-iquet January 25, 2011

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I’m saving today’s topic for Sunday, so I thought I’d go back through some of my draft topics to find something to post. This one appealed.

I’m a texter, pure and simple – talking on the phone takes so much energy (more than seeing someone in person) so I’d rather have a conversation via text. I like multi-tasking so being able to watch TV,  read or just generally relax and text at the same time. I feel strange talking to someone on the phone when I’m in my pjs; but not if I’m texting.

Texting used to be much more popular and I always seemed to have a constant stream of texts over a day which I loved – great for the ME because I could rest and go back to a conversation later in the day, picking up where I left off. Now though with Facebook, Twitter etc my texts have dried up a little 😦 Somehow communication via the internet just isn’t the same, somehow I find it less personal.

I believe in text-iquet – that there should be a code of conduct when it comes to answering texts, or any type of alert. I hate it when you’re with someone and they stop mid conversation to look at a text, it’s even worse if they then reply to the text while you’re waiting to continue the conversation. There’s that awkward silence while you look round the room and try not to get bored. If you’re in somebody else’s house it’s even worse because you feel like you’re being nosey. I understand that sometimes you’re waiting on an urgent message and it’s important to take it – I have no problem with that, it’s the everyday conversation that the person will continue via text which annoys me. The way they’ll smile at something in the text and you’re left wondering what on earth is so funny? Ok maybe it’s just that I am nosey; but I hate feeling like I’m missing out on something! If you’re talking to me, talk to me. If you’re texting someone then wait until we’ve finished.

Rant over… didn’t realise I was going there when I stated!


6 Responses to “Talk or text? The importance of text-iquet”

  1. Linda Says:

    I know what you mean, and in a way it feels a little like you are being dismissed as unimportant….afterall, your conversation was happening first. As you say if someone was waiting for an urgent message, you can make allowances – if they explain lol. I have one friend who will happily text back and forth all day – and we have never met in person. She even took me on a virtual day trip via text, it was great fun……and perhaps a little tiring lol. Hugs lin

    • Claire Says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying – bad couple of days.

      The virtual trip via text sounds amazing! Obviously a subject close to my heart! Where did you go? I once had a snowball fight via text and that was a lot of fun! Minus the need to change afterwards!

  2. Indigo Jo Says:

    Interrupting a guest in the house to talk on the phone for long periods is even ruder than texting! I used to have a friend I used to visit quite often in London, and almost every time I would be sitting there while he talked on the phone in a foreign language. Then there was the family I used to visit (mostly on religious occasions) and I used to be sitting there while they talked in their back-home language, when they were quite capable of speaking English.

    Also, I’ve been using online messenger services for years and one memorable one was the “lady friend” who used to accuse me of talking to another woman if I didn’t reply to her messages quickly enough. Suffice to say, the relationship didn’t last.

    • Claire Says:

      That is definitely much worse – you start to feel a bit paranoid and wonder if they are talking about you. Another friend was telling me that her friend did that to her too, I couldn’t believe it! My time and energy are so precious that for someone to do that I’d feel really annoyed, I wouldn’t be wasting much more of either on them!

  3. kitty Says:

    I have to agree I’m a texter too! Talking on the phone is SO draining it’s unbelievable. Not just the talking but the listening too. Just been on the phone for 20mins applying for ESA, resting now!!!

  4. Kioko Says:

    I find that I text when I just want to get a quick point across, but my phone conversations are much shorter than they used to be. It’s a symptom of the times. It makes me a little sad that not only phone, but also face-to-face communication is slowly becoming obsolete. Reminds me of a real-life sci-fi movie.

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