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If you had a time machine… January 15, 2011

If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to?

Now that’s a question… I guess the problem would be the temptation to choose a moment to try to change history – not the big events; but the small personal ones which at the time seemed so small; but that changed my life forever. I sometimes wonder where I would be if things had been different. However when I look back at all the moments that at the time I wish I could have avoided I can see now all the great things that have come from them, so I guess I really wouldn’t change a thing, I’d much rather observe something spectacular.

There are so many events in history I’d like to have been at – stand and see how they built Stonehenge or the Pyramids. It would be amazing to know exactly how they did it. It would also be great to see the different coronations over the years. Going further back – I’d love to see the house I grew up in being built and before that what the world looked like before people made it their own. Imagine being able to watch the Big Bang (from a safe unexploding place of course).

There are also moments in my own life I’d love to relive, time with family and friends; but I think the one that sticks  out most is my first ever roller-coaster and the high I got afterwards realising I could do something I was terrified of and enjoy it. I felt like I was on top of the world, even though I was back on the ground and it made me realise I really could do anything I set my mind to and have fun along the way. It’s a feeling I try to go back to when I’m feeling worn down by life – it often slips away; but sitting here like this brings it all back!


6 Responses to “If you had a time machine…”

  1. David Says:

    Thanks for the like claire. Just subscribed to your blog, its really interesting.

  2. Adam Says:


    Came across your blog on the blog buddies page on dailypress,com and thought I would say hi.

    I used to live in Norfolk. Potter Heigham to be precise. My parents still live there. Whereabouts in Norfolk are you?

  3. Adam Says:

    Yes I am.

    Norfolk’s a lovely place and the wife and I try to visit once a year to see people.

    I went to school in Martham, but lived in Caister-on-Sea for years.

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