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How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in? January 10, 2011

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Being housebound most of the time means that being snowed in isn’t really different to any other day – it’s just that much colder and I need to turn up the heating and wear another jumper; but I do enjoy the excuse to have a mug of hot chocolate! My favourite is Caley’s Hot Chocolate; but unfortunately it’s not easy to get – only available in their Norwich cafes and online here http://www.caleys.com/ They are selling in the US now though too – so that’s definitely something worth getting your hands on! I don’t like my hot chocolate too sweet – that’s what marshmallows are for!

So with a mug of hot chocolate and a good film I will happily while away a few hours! I’ve just invested in Sky Movies so there’s always something to watch. I missed so many films when I was too ill to watch TV that now I’m catching up – The Perfect Storm this weekend; but since I ended up crying buckets I could have skipped that I think!

If I just can’t get warm I like to think about somewhere hot – a nice warm beach, golden sands, crystal blue waters with waves that roar up to the beach, in constant motion. Just imagining the sun on my skin makes me feel warm and glowy! Next time you’re feeling really cold try it!

The opposite works too – if you’re feeling really hot imagine you’re sitting on a polar ice cap (I know not many of these left; but the imaginary ones are good for this). Imagine you are freezing cold, shivering and goosebumpy – you’ll be surprised at how quickly you stop feeling too hot!


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