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Let your fingers do the walking & Fish SOS! September 14, 2010

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I know people say this all the time; but I don’t know how we managed before the current technology. On Saturday night I received an urgent text message from my best friend who was in Florida on holiday. The message read – “Do you know anyone with a fish tank, because our neighbour has just told us that ours has leaked all over our living room and we need to find a home for our algae eater.”

I racked my brains; but couldn’t think of anyone so I then replied, offering to go and buy them a tank from the local Pets at Home. They eagerly agreed and via text I took down the details as well as the neighbours phone number. It didn’t matter that they were on another continent the texts came across as if they were just a few miles away, like normal.

By the power of the internet I could browse the shop from the comfort of my own home and see the huge range of tanks available at varying degrees of cost – and I thought it would be easy. More text messages later and we’d agreed on a tank and price.

If I’d had the time to wait it could have been delivered to my door; but as it was an emergency we took a trip to the shop and went straight to my friends.

I was greeted by a huge vertical tank – the first I’d ever seen with an enormous monster of a fish inside! It must have been a foot long – actually a foot, not one of these fishing metaphors where they say it was “this big”! My friend had helpfully told me that he hard barbs on the back of his head and to avoid them at all costs. I didn’t realise I’d need danger money or I’m not sure I’d have volunteered!

Fortunately I’d had a fish tank for years before I moved so with the help of my Mum and the man next door we set up the tank and then came the task of catching the algae eater.

He sat docilely on the side of the glass and with the help of two large nets with long handles I managed to catch him and lift him across. I was terrified he’d start flopping around out of the water; but with a big sigh of relief he quietly entered the new tank. Now I have my fingers crossed that he’s going to be ok when they get back from holiday!

None of it would have been possible without the modern versions of communication, for which I and the fish are hugely grateful!


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