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Walk like an Egyptian – Cleopatra’s Needle August 18, 2010

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I love how varied my research can be, I’ve been finishing downloading photos of London – including Cleopatra’s Needle and the Sphinx.  Iconic landmarks in London. Did you know that Cleopatra’s Needle in London, is one of a pair of identical obelisks, the other one is in Central Park in New York? I found out while searching for photographs and then came across this great blog of information. http://londoniscool.com/cleopatras-needle-london-titbits/comment-page-1#comment-20027

There’s a time capsule in the obelisk which was placed there when it was erected by the Victorians! I love time capsules, I’ve always meant to put one together and bury it somewhere. What would you put in one? Photos definitely, a newspaper, maybe a good book; but what else?…


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